The Tudors – Cool Again?

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A portrait of the young Catherine of Aragon

I joined in the HubPages March contest this week. The rules are pretty simple – write an original piece which answers a question posed on the site by another member.

As a lifelong fan of The Tudors (the dynasty rather than the TV show) I was delighted to see the question “Which one of Henry VIII’s wives was the coolest?”  I’ve been reading about these ladies, and their dreadful spouse, for most of my life, so the task wasn’t too difficult, indeed it was positively pleasurable!

So, who is the coolest of Henry VIII’s wives? That would be telling – you will have to read the hub – The Coolest of the Six Wives of Henry VIII.


A Tour of Jane Austen’s England

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Although Jane was born in Steventon Rectory, she did venture out!









In the past I tended to think of Jane Austen as a bit of a lonely spinster who didn’t get out much.  I thought she probably spent her life gazing out of a Rectory window, writing about a life she could only imagine.  Well, after a bit of research it turns out I was partly right, but mainly wrong.  Jane was most certainly a spinster, she did live in Rectory for a while, but she was definitely writing from experience and she was anything but lonely.

I found out more about Jane when I researched my latest hub, Must-See Sights in the UK for Jane Austen Fans.  It turns out that she had a very healthy social life, a large circle of friends and didn’t spend her whole life in the Rectory.  If you have an interest in Jane and her life, visit my hub to find out the best places to get closer to her – including an opportunity to dress up in your best muslin frock and dance the night away with your very own Mr Darcy.

Lacock, Wiltshire: Picture Perfect

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The George Inn at Lacock, Wiltshire


The Wiltshire village of Lacock is a beautifully preserved slice of England’s past.  So picturesque is the village that once discovered by location scouts for the film and TV industry it seldom leaves our screens.

Lacock has helped set the scene for many costume dramas, including the wonderful BBC productions Cranford and Pride and Prejudice.  On the big screen it has featured in the Harry Potter movies, providing Harry Potter’s childhood home, whilst nearby Lacock Abbey was used for interior shots of Hogwarts.

The reason the village has survived intact is that it is a National Trust property.  Not just one or two houses, but the whole village.  If you can’t make it to Lacock in person, have a look at my hub about Lacock and find out if it has starred in any of your favourite TV period dramas or films.


Photo Credit:  Helen Hanley via Geograph